Today i listened  to a lady ….i have only met this lady twice. She seemed happy always smiling and quiet but social, She was dressed in purple today !! She handed me a rinbon to put on my shirt so i could show my support to something that was very close to her.
A conversation then came about and she opened up on why she was wearing purple today….
Today was global awareness day for epilepsy. She then opened up and told stories, personal stories of her son and how he has epilepsy. …life threatening situations and how her other children were also so strong and supportive of their older brother which bought me to tears…..
As i listened to this amazing woman …strong amazing woman i felt so overwelmed with guilt…..!!!
I whinge and complain about simple things …not having hairspray for my daughters hair because their hair will look messy if it is not sprayed with hair spray.
Yes i have a hectic life …working, 3 kids, full time uni work and being a wife and friend, but there are so many people around my community that have bigger problems and it inspires me that these people are so strong and supportive to those
around them.
Before you go to bed tonight i would like to give you a challenge…. give your children one extra kiss before u go to bed and then look at yourself in the mirror and smile….. Be grateful…because i know i am !!!!
Happy world epilepsy day !! I wish for anybody that suffers from any mental or physical health all the best and to stay strong and for those family members supporting these wonderful people ….Well done you inspire me 😉


visit this link  to find out more…. inspiring !!!!