Busy busy busy !!!

I have been super super  busy and applogise for no blogs lately….
I have been overwelmed with uni, work, children, husband and doing  volunteer work at the schools.
I will be posting in the next  few weeks so keep a look out for it…there could  be a couple !!
If you have any suggestions let me know xx
Peace out peeps…..talk soon xx

Ideas for sight words

My son is struggling  at school with his sight words….so i have  been trying to encourage a positive and fun way for him to remember these.
All children learn differently and my son is kinesthetic learning so therefore he needs to be doing things hands on to be learning it.
We have been focusing on 5 sightwords a day and even though i am studying to be  a  teacher myself you still need to adopt and learn different techniques and activities for different learners….
I came across this great resource and want to share it with you all. You may have a child that learns differently….my future blog will be discussing this more thoroughly  ( after my pile of assignments i need to get finished before easter) or someone else who needs some ideas but here it is….its a great resource !!!
Sourced by…creative learning environment
Here is the link…

Be Grateful

Today i listened  to a lady ….i have only met this lady twice. She seemed happy always smiling and quiet but social, She was dressed in purple today !! She handed me a rinbon to put on my shirt so i could show my support to something that was very close to her.
A conversation then came about and she opened up on why she was wearing purple today….
Today was global awareness day for epilepsy. She then opened up and told stories, personal stories of her son and how he has epilepsy. …life threatening situations and how her other children were also so strong and supportive of their older brother which bought me to tears…..
As i listened to this amazing woman …strong amazing woman i felt so overwelmed with guilt…..!!!
I whinge and complain about simple things …not having hairspray for my daughters hair because their hair will look messy if it is not sprayed with hair spray.
Yes i have a hectic life …working, 3 kids, full time uni work and being a wife and friend, but there are so many people around my community that have bigger problems and it inspires me that these people are so strong and supportive to those
around them.
Before you go to bed tonight i would like to give you a challenge…. give your children one extra kiss before u go to bed and then look at yourself in the mirror and smile….. Be grateful…because i know i am !!!!
Happy world epilepsy day !! I wish for anybody that suffers from any mental or physical health all the best and to stay strong and for those family members supporting these wonderful people ….Well done you inspire me 😉


visit this link  to find out more…. inspiring !!!!

Sour Lemonade.

This year i told myself that i wasnt going to be pushed around and i would speak what i feel to a certain degree, to leave my concious clear and have no regrets…..this is easier said then done.
Being honest has there consequences as well, opening up your feelings and sharing your emotions can be harmful not to the person as i would never intentionally do that but to yourself.
I have always been a sucker and wear my heart on my sleeve, i put to much into things and i am always the person that helps others. I thought by sharing my feelings  to others  and being open i would be able to build a resilience for constructive criticism but again i am left in a ball of emotions not being able to handle them.
The reason i am sharing this is because i feel that my blog allows me to be able to share my feelings without targeting anyone and maybe people may feel the same way i sometimes feel.
It also allows me to think that i am not alone !!!
I suppose my anxiety does not help the situation or my depression which i thought i was doing so much better and was not needing any medication to help me…. but i have to keep on trying !!!!!

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you have to make lemonade…..i think this past fortnight i have had sour lemons because my lemonade sucks !!!
Blog to come on my sour fortnight !!!


I had to repost this that my daughters kindy sent me the other day.
Play is very important and with technology and our busy lifestyles we sometimes forget how important it is for a childs development.
Have a read,have a giggle and tie that towel around your neck and fly like a superhero lol….


What about the positives!!!

There is always a lot of negative challenging stories that mums tell about their children and i know i am guilty of doing that too. I was looking at other mum blogs today and realize that yes they do it too , so i thought what about the positives….the reason behind why we have kids !!!

I have wanted kids since i was young and growing up i found a passion to work with children so i was super keen to start creating my own little family as soon as we could. We tried for 10 months with my first, 1 month with my second and with my third unfortunately it took another 4 years with 2 miscarriages between that time before we conceived with our third.

I remembered all 3 times i found out i was pregnant, the excitement that you feel and the whole joy that soon you are going to be a mum and not once did i ever think, “I am not going to be a good mum”. Most of my tears are always happy tears , happy that these beautiful monsters are my monsters.

All 3 of my children are all so different, difficult and challenging but well mannered, polite, caring and god damn gorgeous.

I think sometimes we lose focus on the positives that our children achieve and focus more on the negative, and what we can do to fix the negatives. so i thought i would share some of the positive things my children do that make me a proud and happy mum.

My son always puts others before himself.

Yes he struggles with school, but OMG that kid can make a paper plane like you would never believe.

He could get you through a night in the bush as he is very switched on when it comes to being street smart.

My oldest daughter is a beautiful dancer and when she dances and she smiles my whole world lights up.

She always helps me with my youngest and sometimes i don’t even think she knows that.

My youngest daughter well she is in her own league ….. I have never meet a child that has so much personality if my whole life.

She is caring, loving and knows exactly what to do to make you smile.

There is so much more i could write about but i thought it might be nice to talk about the positives that my children achieve and how proud i am of the little individuals they are becoming. Yes we have a lot of negatives and there will be many more but my husband and i should be proud of creating these monsters our monsters and i would never change it for anything in the world !!!!


A life of a mum of three + husband.

Tantrums, yelling, screaming, fighting, crying, agrueing mmmmmm…… What else happens just in the morning of my house as we get ready to start our day…. Oh no that’s about it…. There may be some forceful manners in there and sorry’s , but that my friends is a household of 3 kids well in mine house  I may get lucky with once a week maybe twice a week of positive vibes throughout the house, and that is usually when hubby is home because there is no way in the world that would happen on a morning he would be there, and then I hear ” I don’t know why you struggle in the mornings and why you are always running late the kids never are like that when I’m here” (rub it in ).

I don’t know if it is just me but mornings suck !!!! I’m organised half the time and when the times I am super organised something stupid would happen …like my 2 year old would wee her pants ……it never goes to plan that is for sure!

I can’t complain I have a pretty awesome husband who is super supportive and just knows if I have one of those days…as I walk through the door with this look on my face as the kids have already started agrueing because they couldn’t tell me how their day was first…..he takes my things kisses my head and says, “I will take this you have a shower” (oh he is so lovely) …..so I have a shower …2 seconds later my toddlers in , another one comes in and the hubby all for a chat…..yay….there is just not enough time to discuss everything in the eyes of a child….if they tell you how there day was they then ask you about yours “it was ok” you say …then the questions come……what did you do, why was it ok, what did you eat, oh what’s for dinner, can you do homework with me , can you read with me, ……mum emme drew on my homework……..

So up goes the schedule board…… Yep a weekly whiteboard that tells everyone what they are doing, dinner and routines……yep ocd but it works …for now lol…..sometimes I feel my oldest 2 are harder than my toddler. My 8 years old turning into a 15 year old is way harder to negotiate with than my tatrum throwing 2 year old. I can negotiate with my toddler who is throwing herself on the floor in the middle of Woolworths because she doesn’t want to get into a trolley…try to negotiate with an 8 year old who is ask to do something like clean up after herself is a nightmare (sorry to scare those who have girls growing up). Everything is a hassle and an argument……I offically have Gray hairs from the moment she turned 8, but we will get through the next 10 years I may be completely rocking the silver hair look but I know that they are good kids and they all have their moments I just have to find a way around the craziness of it all lol.

Its moments like these that make it all better !!!!

So I leave you tonight with some blogs that have been floating in my head for a while as I will be back with my stories of fifty shades of being a mum… Next time some article pieces I have been reading and I will all let you know on my first week back at Uni full time …yep full time online student I’m sure I will have some fifty shade moments for you all.

I would like to also write a review for you on that raunchy movie that I named my blog about “fifty shades of Gray” . But I might ponder some more on that one I have some interesting feedback you all may like to hear ?!?!? Let me know if your interested 😘

Until then Goodnight fellow blog followers xox

All grown up….

The big dirty thirty is just around the corner and I now begin to celebrate with my friends their life as they begin the life of a thirty year old.

I have been reflecting on my life lately and the milestones I have created with my life as a mum, wife and friend, and as I sit at one of my friends thirtieth birthday party at the pub I look around and see all those people who have been apart of that journey.

It was quiet difficult for me being a young mum as I had my first child when I was 21 and back then that was the party years. My husband and I were raising a family in our own home and had no time or money to be out on the piss enjoying our twenties(don’t ever regret having kids young).But that night i was sober I wasn’t drinking(no I’m not pregnant) I began to realise that now I fit in !!! I didn’t fit in 7 years ago I had two kids by the age of 23 and none of my friends did. I was married on a budget and working full time….partying was the last thing on my mind….don’t get me wrong I love a party and a wine or five but I am quiet happy to party when I could and drink when I can. Anyway my little cloud bubble floated above my head as it clicked that now I fit in to my social group of friends as now they understand what it is like to be a mum…..

My friends love me I know that (who couldn’t love me) but now I feel socially accepted for being a mum. If I look like shit now…my friends understand they too go through the shitty days of not wanting to put make up on or dress in good clothes. If I’m running late they understand because they know how hard it is to be organised on so many occasions that being on time is a thing in the past. They too have kids to know that being perfect is an understatement just being ok is good enough for now, having a clean house hahahaahahahahaha (I keep on laughing) with kids running around the house trashing it after you have already cleaned it three times this morning yeah they know it’s ok to have a messy house.

i know !!!!! Being a mum is hard, being a mum with kids whilst your friends(without kids) don’t understand why you do they things that you do Is harder but eventually they get there too and now they understand 🙂

I am now the mother hen as I like to call myself I have my chicks and my rooster and I also have an awesome hen house were I can hang with my other hen friends. So if my thirties are going to be as good as this bring it on ………

cluck cluck xo

Choosing a school !!

I have alot of friends who have their   little ones starting school next year….and choosing a school is probably the most difficult decission a parent could make  for their child.
I get asked alot about schools as that is what my future holds in a year and with all my background i suppose i am that go to person, so i decided to find out some info  on how to choose the right school for your child and came across this website from belly belly.
I think it is a fantastic read and something parents should consider when choosing their futrue school for their child.
School is very important and you should start looking at schools at least 2 years before your child starts. Some schools have zoning or some even start interveiwing in the early stages of the year before they start.
Familiarize your child with the school a couple of months before starting as this also helps with a smooth transition, and see if the school has any programs to help your child do this.
Also go and get your child their 4 year old health check with a child health nurse not just a doctor, their checks are more thorough and they would be able to link you into services quickly if your child needs extra assistance.

Good Luck to all those parents having to take on this difficult task and remember that children are who they are with the support and guidance by their parents  !!!

Please read …..

Good luck xox

One of those weeks!!!

What a few weeks it has been …hence no blogs !!

First week of school began for my oldest 2 last week with them moving into year 3 and year 1. My littlest one went into a bigger class at kindy which reality kicked in that my youngest one isn’t a baby anymore. It was a tough time that first day of school and it was a tough week before school started with eye appointments, the last run around for school stuff, dentist appointments and finding that my oldest was suffering from anxiety about school and what class she was in and who was her teacher.

I noticed random stress attacks she was having about random things like thinking she was going to choke in her sleep and die, i also noticed every time she began to think or contemplate about future events she would rub her fingers and thumbs together. So we worked hard with preparing her with what was going to happen and giving her an opal to put in her pocket to rub when she got anxious at school, which helped tremendously. Lucky for me her best friend was in her class which made the first day a lot easier !!!

I contemplated a lot of things about being a school mum last week more than i usually do. This then lead to my anxiety to flare up which properly did not help matters with my oldest. Actually pondered on my parenting skills and if the decisions that i make are the right choices which all parents wonder every time a decision has to be made with children. There was more though that week, i made different decisions that i chose to make which i don’t usually do.

One decision i had to make was the decision about placing my children into an ipad class at school. I wasn’t going to bring it up because its one of those conflicting discussions either you like technology or you don’t and everyone has different views and different opinions. My view for my children to be in an ipad class was clear to me and that answer was “No” and the reason i said no to this is my complete own decision that i did not want my children relying on technology i wanted them to be able to confidently  know how to function with using a pencil and paper and read hard cover books before introducing a simple tool like an ipad (Again my veiw not against anyone that has ipads for their kids) , and also having the responsibility on keeping these devices safe all the time. Now my oldest lost it when she found out that one of her friends were in the ipad class and she wasn’t….I was the worst mum in the world which then lead to my annoying little voice in my head saying….”oh Amanda your poor daughter is going to miss out because of you !!!” Did i make the wrong choice by not letting her to join this class…but for the first time i stood my ground and stood by what i believed in!!!

So standing by my word i decided no technology…Only parents have the technology (phones and the laptop) and went and bought heaps of second hand board games and made Saturday Night Family night, with a family meeting to discuss the kids chores and rules around the home and then playing board games as a family….It was great !!!

Until 2nd week of school and my oldest comes home with all these notes with passwords to online homework. 80% of the homework is online ……..SHIT !!!! Then my little voice comes back “Oh Amanda you should have done the Ipad class that is what the world is coming to …you should of said yes” PISS OFF VOICE !!!….


But geez its hard work…That felt like a life time of decisions just there and she is only 8 and with 8 comes this massive attitude where they talk back and question every little decision you make….I even thought of tossing a coin from now on to make my decisions lol. So with little miss attitude ok with school, the technology craze and anxiety she is ok …but still has the attitude lol.

So that was rant one wait til you here rant two !!!

So this year as you do i know everyone says it…”This year i want to lose weight and be fit and healthy” Yeah yeah “OK i’ll try”….So i will start to use my Gym membership that i got in June 2014 and i have only been once to a yoga class (which i quiet enjoyed and will go again one day). My girlfriends posted a pic of them going to Netball so i thought….I can play netball its been 8 years and the last time i played i tore my Achilles ten-dent and was in cast for 3 months with a 8 month old and just found out i was pregnant and it was Christmas  time ….It was the worst time of my life!!!                   But i thought i have done exercise and im ok i can give it a go surely i will be ok….So I bought a netball skirt…All sorted with my uniform….. first week was cancelled due to the weather (should of taken the hint ) then got pumped up for Monday Night to come around again…ate healthy that morning and was excited to feel that ball in my hands again…..2 minutes on the court and POP …………SHIT, F*!?, DAMN IT….. oh no i think i did it again…..I limped of the court with an embarrassed feeling..that voice again..”Oh Amanda you fat unhealthy thing couldn’t even last a quarter on the court” i stayed strong, calm (if anyone knows me i keep things to myself) I was in pain lots of pain but no one knew…..they just though i hurt myself no biggy …..I limped across the road as we parked a far way from the courts….we said goodbye to the team as my girlfriend and i walked alone to the car….then i lost my shit began crying like a bubbling mess…..”What have i done oh my god i have done it again , how can i be in a cast for 3 months no driving with 3 kids and work and all the commitments i have…..my husband is going to kill me ” Anxiety attack …anxiety attack !!!! I think my girlfriend was a bit shocked as i am not a crying type…i feel like i’m Chuck Norris sometimes…”I ain’t got time to bleed”…..anyway went home cried like a pussy, husband was upset stressing how was he going to do everything plus do what he does….So i made the tough decision to go to the hospital to find out what the damage was so i could plan the rest of my 3 months of hell….. Shit…how do i get there can’t take the kids out of bed to go to the hospital…..I’m going to have to call my girlfriend to take me (I hate asking people to do things for me… So i made the phone call …stomach twisting as i hate putting people out of their way just for me)…..But they came  yes “They” i had a little entourage to come and support me at the hospital….. long story short….5 hrs later, realizing how much my friends love me and only a torn calf…which is bad but so much better then what i was expecting. Even the doctor i had was shocked with my reaction…….the conversation went something like this…..Doctor…”So Amanda do you want the good news or the bad news?” Me (my voice saying just tell me…. shit i’m tired, i’ve been waiting in the hospital with 30 sick people and im in pain !!) “Just tell me”I say……Doctor..” It is not your achilles” Me “Oh my God Thank Fuck for That” Tears rolling down my face with enjoyment. Doctor….”So i see your happy with that (laughing) but you have torn you calf Couple of weeks and you will be fine” Me jumping (not physically, mentally) Yay !!!…. So one of my girlfriends picked me up and i went home and slept.

The next morning…because i am like Chuck Norris remember…..I get up to my 3 children who are looking at me like a fool with my oldest lecturing me “I told you , you shouldn’t of played netball” …Yeah yeah…..Limping around…. my day went like this…

1. Showers, get dressed, breakfast, make 4 lots of lunches and clean the house before we leave (ouch…calf in pain by this stage)

2. Drop youngest at kindy then the 2 oldest ones at school

3. Work

4. Pick up kids…shit meeting with Miss attitudes teacher….Hobble Hobble crutches suck so many stairs ok i made it….

5. Hurry Hurry get youngest from kindy in the car to go home to pick up the hubby and go to first season of footy training for the middle one

6. Just made it on time ..hobble hobble over the fields and far away…ahhh sit for an hr

7. Right,… on the way home …..get home, showers…dinner….

8. Oh Shit…my calf is the triple the size it was(i have like elephant legs … so imagine the sight) mmmmmm…. ice ice and lots of ice

9. I should ice but trying to get the youngest to go to sleep by herself without being patted….in and out of bed with all the excuses under the sun…i need to wee, i need a drink, my belly hurts, i miss you, i love you, i’m scared…..oh my god just go to bed !!!

10. ICE

11. BED 5 mins in bed The youngest is crawling in the bed…” I love you mummy so much i sleep with you” …ME goodnight !!

So an eventful day i did take the next day of and rested my calf and wow…when you slow down and rest it makes a lot of difference !!!

So i blog tonight ranting on some of the small minor troubles i went through in the last week and as i reflect as my job as a mum….i think i have done ok…I have survived i made choices some right and some wrong…but i leave you with this…..Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to be wonder woman to your kids, just a smile on your face and being with your kids is enough….You have done your job as a Parent !!!

Let see what next week brings…Nighty Night Chuck Norris out!